Cover image and live interview


My image Hintersee night is on the cover of the new issue of Light & Landscape Magazine. The magazine also features an edited version of my article about Instagram- blessing or curse that readers of my blog know from a while ago. I am proud they chose my image as cover image and release my article to a wider audience.


That article has gotten a great response and seems to speak for many, many users of social media and Instagram in general. Seems like it is a love and hate affair to most photo lovers. This may also be a reason for Vero having such a great rush of new users recently. I have an account there, too. And yes, indeed, it is a nice platform. As a photographer I like how images are displayed there much more than on Instagram. Still, most of my interaction is on Instagram and therefore I don't see that platform going.

Last week saw me featured and interviewed for an entire 90 minutes on the live show Poland in the lens. I talked about how I got to photograph, my gear and most of all where I go and what my vision of photography is. I also explained some of my images and gave insight views on how I edit and what I do with my images.

Here is the entire show for you to watch: