this is it, finally: my homepage

      this is it, finally: my homepage

...honestly, this feels strange: Imagining that you are reading this now is such an odd feeling for me. Must be for you, too, reading this as a start to my first post. So well, guess I need to explain.

I have planned this page for quite some time. And the seed of having my own homepage was planted in summer or maybe even a bit before. I thought "well, if this photo thing keeps going like it does you will need a homepage eventually. But first of all, you need decent shots to show.". And so I waited. And took images. And processed. And learned. And erased. And started over again. 

Then my photo tour to the Alps (including the Dolomites) came up. And I had a blast. And I realized: there are shots that are portfolio worthy. So I went from there and the planning, researching and working for this page took off. 


Came the question: what language am I doing this in? Heck, even the domain was a decision: do I start with the natural way in German or in English? Of course, I am German. So the right thing to do - and maybe easier way - would be starting in my native language. But I did not follow that road. Maybe because I am stubborn and have a tendency to take things the hard (wrong?) way. No, the real answer is the main language I am using when talking, chatting and exchanging photography is English really. That is no deliberate decision but it happened naturally. Fittingly my first big photo-tour was with my buddies Mads-Peter Iversen, Mikkel Beiter and Roy Jensen. And yes, we spoke English.

My main social media presence has been Instagram. And a while ago I asked my followers (around 1.000 back then) what language I should rather be using in my stories and posts. The clear answer was: in English. Even my German friends said "do it in English, I understand you still.". So I did. But still, I am planning to have most areas of this site in two languages: German and English. But for right now I am sparing the effort of translating all of this. Just because this would delay the release of this even more. And honestly, I want to get this baby out to you and see how you like it. Nothing wrong with evolving in the future, right?!

That being said, welcome to this place! I hope you will make yourself feel home here and enjoy my homepage. Come on in and have a look around. I hope you like what you see. Drop a line if you like. On with the show.