How to find the right camera

Starting with photography leaves you with a big question right at the beginning: what camera to get? You want something good and something inside your budget. And you want something that fits your needs. Problem is, you usually don't even know what your need is when starting out.

So "what camera should I get?" is something I get asked often. A good reason for me to write about it and share my experience, my fails and my good decisions.

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I have planned this page for quite some time. And the seed of having my own homepage was planted in summer or maybe even a bit before. I thought "well, if this photo thing keeps going like it does you will need a homepage eventually. But first of all, you need decent shots to show.". And so I waited. And took images. And processed. And learned. And erased. And started over again. 

..That being said, welcome to this place! I hope you will make yourself feel home here and enjoy my homepage. Come on in and have a look around. I hope you like what you see.

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